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Kirkcaldy's Heritage in 50 Objects' aims to celebrate the history of our town by telling some of the stories of our town.

Rooted in 50 distinct objects (or places, or people), the narratives seek to shed light on past events and place Kirkcaldy's present in the context of its past.


Our stories are mere starting points, as were the objects for us. We fervently hope that people accessing this site and its supporting Facebook page will bring to the project their own knowledge, reminiscences and memorabilia.


The idea arose from casual conversations among some local history enthusiasts in the Cupcake Coffee Box in the town's historic High Street. It was agreed that this project would be a fitting way to mark the 2024 Golden Anniversary of the founding of Kirkcaldy Civic Society.


As our research into Kirkcaldy's history developed, we realised that much of significance has been passed over, neglected or merely forgotten in the passage of time.


Many of our 'objects' will be familiar, some not so familiar. There are some well-known anecdotes - and some new discoveries.


It is for the public of Kirkcaldy and way beyond, to decide if we have done the town's heritage justice and, more importantly, to add their own words, illustrations, pages and chapters to the collective saga of our Lang Toun.

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